Friday, March 7, 2008

Blast From the Past Tag

I know I've been tagged quite a bit lately, so sorry to all of those tags that I never did....This one looks like a lot of fun!!

What television show or movie did you want to be in when you were little? I'm going to have to say "Full House" :)
Which character or star? Definately Rebecca....cause she got to marry Jesse!!
Most embarrassing moment your friends will never let die? Probably when Holly Scott kicked me in the head when we were both doing a tumbling pass at our "Hello" assembly our Sophomore year.....I was mortified!!
Your proudest moment or accomplishment? My proudest moment was when I gave birth to Kohen! And he also is my biggest accomplishment :)
What adult did you have a crush on when you were little? Once again, it was Jesse from "Full House".
What habit or personality trait do you have of your mother or father? I used to make fun of the words my parents used to come up with instead of swearing....well I have noticed that especially after having Ko, I do the same thing! I guess it's better than swearing, right?!
What did you want to change your name to when you were little? Autumn
Who was your first kiss? Jordan White! Ha! I think he was a lot of girls' first kisses!!
What are 3 adjectives that someone from high school or middle school would use to describe you? Shy, Hyper if you knew me well, and a perfectionist.
What hairstyle, clothes, or other accessories did you rock back in the day when it was cool? The pastel colored (especially light blue) eye shadow, rolled & layered socks, wearing only one stap of my backpack ( you were a dork if you wore both!), and constantly wearing a scrunchy on my wrist!
What job did those long and annoying surveys in school say you would be good at? A social worker.
And what did you try and make the test result outcome be? A nurse I think.
What made you laugh harder than you have ever laughed before? Something that really sticks out in my mind was when Tam & Laura made up thier own moves to "Let the Beat Control Your Body" in cheer our Sophomore year....I'm pretty sure I just about peed my pants when they showed it to us!!
Favorite memories of hanging out with your best friends? Trying to kiss as many boys as possible our senior year, getting together to watch FRIENDS, breaking into certain people's houses ( Angi, you know what I'm talking about), sharing the # 2 meal at McDonalds with an EXTRA LARGE Root Beer, and also all those wonderful times we had in cheer!
What's the most trouble you have ever got in with your parents? Probably when they found out that I was dating my future husband :) ....we weren't suppossed to have any serious relationships in high school. Oops!
What was your 5 year plan when you had to write it out in high school? Graduate from nursing school, not get married until I was at least 21 ( I don't remember my reasoning for that one), and have 2 or 3 kids.
And last but not least...What is your 5 year plan now? Have 1 or 2 more kids, then finish school, and make wonderful memories with my wonderful family!!

I tag Laura, Rach, Em, Court, Angi, Marci, and Jessica F.


Lindsay said...

How fun I love reading all of these! It's so fun to see what people put!

Anonymous said...

Oh don't you worry... Mine wasn't Jordan White (although, I did kiss him). My first kiss was Russell White!

Bob, Emily, and Ellie said...

That is so funny, I loved it. This is one tag I might actually do!

Anika said...

Hey- you girls had a kissing contest senior year too!?? LOL!

Rachel & Doug said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. I love the good ol'days! :)

ABW said...

i like your new layout