Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mY nEw EmBaRrAsSiNg MomENt...

So I FINALLY did it! On Saturday I ran my very first 5K! It was such an amazing and proud moment for me! Sadly one of my proudest moments turned into my most embarrassing one!

6:30 am- Thirty minutes before the race. I bought one of those energy gel shots and decided to try it...NOT GOOD! MISTAKE # 1! As soon as I put it in my mouth I knew I had made a huge mistake! It was so nasty, and it was stuck in my throat, just sitting there, waiting to be thrown back up! So I had to chase it down with about a half a bottle of water...MISTAKE #2! I usually can't drink water before I run cause it just goes right through me and I have to pee within minutes. And especially since giving birth to Kohen, it has become a lot worse!

6:50 am- Ten minutes before the race. We stretch out and I find the nearest bathroom to pee.

7:00 am- Race time!! Aron and Holly decided to take off, so Heidi and I ran together to keep up a good pace.

MILE 1- Feelin' good! Wasn't tired yet, and Heidi and I are keeping a good pace.

MILE 1.5- Oh crap...I have to pee! I knew I shouldn't have drank that bottle of water! I just kept on running and tried to just focus the music I was listening to, instead of my need to pee. Oh did I mention that some guy was out in his front yard spraying everyone with the hose...uh NOT HELPING!!

MILE 2- Still not really tired. My urge to pee was getting stronger. By this time I was squeezing practically every muscle in my entire body just to try to keep myself from peeing! I thought about going behind a huge bush in someone's yard, but I didn't dare...there were cops everywhere! I can just imagine.... How did your race go? Great except for the fact that I got a ticket for public urination!

MILE 2.5- I'm going to die!!! I've never had this kind of feeling before! I was squeezing my muscles even harder now, which made me have to slow down a little. Have you ever tried to do kagels (sp?) while running?! It's not too fun! Eventually the muscle squeezing trick had stopped working, and with every few steps I took, a little bit of pee would come out!! We were coming up on mile 3 and I felt like I just couldn't take it anymore! I asked Heidi to get behind me to see if it was noticable. The verdict...." Sorry Rachelle, but you can TOTALLY see it!!". Oh and did I mention that I was wearing GRAY spandex pants??!! What the hell was I thinking???!!! At that moment I was thinking to myself that I was so jealous of my friend Jessica for being able to have C-sections! She probably doesn't have this kind of problem!

MILE 3- I could run no longer. It was only .1 miles to the finish line, and I had to stop running. I knew that if I ran one more step my bladder was just going to EXPLODE all over and then I was going to be even more mortified than I already was! Heidi, Holly and Aron finished in great time, running the whole way. I still finished about one minute after Heidi, but there I was...walking instead of running. My first 5K...and I couldn't even run the entire way! All because I had peed my pants!!!

Dustin was videoing me right as I had to stop running...how embarrassing! To tell you the truth, I almost started to cry as I walked up to him and Kohen. I was embarrassed and not very proud of myself for not running the entire race! But my cute hubby kept on telling me that he was so proud of me, and it made me feel a lot better. Luckily now when I tell people about it, I can laugh, but at the time I was pretty upset about it.

So there you have it...my new embarrassing moment!!
Heidi, Holly, me & Aron

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here's a little bit of background to my story:

When Ko was born, he was born with LOTS of hair! I was so happy that my little guy wasn't born bald! He didn't really start to lose it until he was about 5 months old, and when it came back in, it came back even thicker! I love it! But the only downside to is is that he has to get his hair cut ALL THE TIME!! If I let it grow out too long, it gets really difficult to do and I get really frustrated with it sometimes!

Okay, back to the present:

Yesterday after I got Ko out of the tub I proceeded to try to comb his hair....and it just wasn't working!! Have you ever had one of those moments where something is really pissing you off and if you don't do something about it NOW, you are going to just FREAK OUT??!! Well, I definately had one of those moments!! And this is the result....


Mom got a little carried away with the clippers!! I swear I really didnt' mean for it to get that short! My sister says he looks like a little cancer patient! How sad! I guess it will grow back!

Playing with his cousins (after getting a good sunscreen rubdown on his big head)!

Helping daddy landscape Aunt Jenn's yard!

Uncle D was happy that him & Ko now have matching haircuts!