Monday, March 16, 2009

Poor Little Guy

This little guy is always playing with something he's not suppossed to...On Sunday I gave Ko a haircut. I use clippers on most of his hair, and I use Dustin's beard trimmer to cut around his ears. I finished his hair and put him in the shower. I got him out and started to dry him off. He spotted Dustin's beard trimmer and grabbed it and took off. He ran into the family room to show Dustin that he had gotten ahold of his clippers....remember, he is still naked at this point. Then all of the sudden for some reason he turned them on, grabbed his little weener, and took the clippers to it!!!! We all just stood there and looked at the poor kid in amazement! He dropped the clippers and grabbed his poor little thingy and sat on Dustin's lap and just started crying! There were five little bloody cuts all the way up his weeny! It was so sad! I have decided against posting a picture of it...kiddy porn??!! Once I wiped it off it didn't look bad at all, but to make Ko feel better, I put some neosporin on it before I put his diaper on.
Poor little guy!

On another note...
Kohen has learned a new little phrase! Whenever he drops something or something happens that he doesn't want to happen, he says....OH DAMMIT!! Yep, we sure know how raise a well-mannered little boy! Dustin has finally decided that he really needs to learn to watch what he says around our little sponge!