Friday, August 8, 2008

July Festivities

Well be prepared for a lot of pictures. I can't seem to get the stupid slide show to work!!
July was a pretty busy month for us! We went on many bikerides, I ran the Draper Days 5K, we went to 2 rodeos, we played with lots of friends, Ko got a summer buzz, and of course there were many fishing trips! Sadly we have yet to go boating this year, but hopefully we can squeeze a boat trip in just once before the summer ends! For the 4th we had a BBQ at Dustin's sister's house. They cooked us a delicious dinner and we had lots of fun watching the fireworks! April and I were a little on edge during the fireworks show...Dustin and Blair thought it would be a brilliant idea to try to shoot fireworks at eachother (imagine!)! Oh and did I mention that they were shooting off illegals?! I was just waiting for the cops to show! We didn't really do anything on the 24th because we both had to work the next day. But we went to the Draper Days rodeo the weekend before and then went and watched fireworks at the park with our friends Clark and Jami. We had a great month and I hope everyone had a great 4th and 24th of July! Oh and I forgot to mention that I went to a pretty crazy birthday party for my cute friend Holly! Happy Birthday Holls!

4th of July

The little boys watching their dads act like little boys!

Heidi, Jami, the birthday girl, me & Ko

Ko loves playing with his friends Boston & Jordan!

Fishing with the cousins!

Fishing up American Fork canyon

Kohen and Rambo enjoying the bike ride together!

Draper Days Rodeo

Dad & Ko watching the fireworks

Did I mention there were LOTS of fishing trips?!


ABW said...

the pic of bean and ko in the trailer is so funny. it was a fun month!

Schrievers in a Nutshell said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great summer!!

Jamilyn and Clark said...

I'm pretty sure you have the most good looking family ever. All of 3 of you look great in every picture. I wish I could figure out those slide show things too. Love those fishing trips... :)