Friday, December 21, 2007


Just so you know Ani...I tagged you days before Rach did! But since it's Christmas, I am not going to be a scrooge, and I am going to do it!
I am suppossed to write 7 things I love about CHRISTMAS!!

1. The MUSIC! I never get sick of Christmas music...I would play it all year if Dustin wouldn't make fun of me for it!

2. The SNOW! I love love love snow! Once again, Dustin and I don't agree with that too much...But if I had to work in the snow, I might not appreciate it much either :)

3. FAMILIES getting together for the holidays! It can get frustrating with all the parties that you have to go to, but I just love to be with everyone on such a wonderful occasion.

4. The FOOD!! I love food! Especially all the holiday food (turkey, mashed potatoes, SWEETS etc.)

5. The DECORATIONS! Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for! I love putting up our tree together, and it was so nice this year to be able to do it as a family!

6. Going to see the LIGHTS! I love walking around Temple Square to look at the lights! I'm pretty upset thought because we have yet to do it this year!

7. And of course I love the true meaning of Christmas! I can't wait to teach Ko about the birth of our Savior and what Christmas is all about!

I am going to be nice and not tag anyone! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007


So this morning I was getting Ko out of the bathtub and I noticed that something was a little different. I couldn't figure out what it was until I got him in some clothes.....It was his big BUDHA BELLY!! His belly just all of the sudden "popped" out! I swear it wasn't like that yesterday! But I did remember that he had just barely eaten a huge bowl of rice cereal. I had to take a few pictures to share with you! I looked at some that I took of him yesterday, and I definately think that the cereal did contribute to his huge belly....but it still is bigger than it was just a few days ago! I hope this doesn't become a new nick name for him. He already has too many as it is!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I've been Tagged! I must say that I do feel pretty special, since this is my first time being Tagged!
I am suppossed to write 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people. I hope I am doing this right, so here it goes....

1. I love being a mommy! You'll never understand how it feels to be a mom until you have a child of your own, but just take my word for it that it is truely amazing! I think those of you who have kids know exactly what I am talking about :)! To know that Dust and I are the only ones that know Kohen from the inside out makes me feel so important! I love everything about being a mom and I am truely blessed to have Kohen in my life!

2. I LOVE kisses!! I love kisses from anyone that will give them to me....especially Dustin and Kohen! Kohen's are definately a little more slimy than Dust's, but I will take what I can get!

3. I am addicted to vaccuuming! I don't know why I have such a strange addiction. I guess I just need to know that my floor is always clean.

4. I love chocolate ice cream! We can't even keep any ice cream in the house because if we did, I would eat it all within days!

5. I've only been snow skiing once in my life....I was a senior in high school. For some reason we decided to go night skiing, and let's just say that I don't recommend night skiing for first timers! I fell off a cliff and broke my thumb! NOT FUN! I told Dustin that he needs to take me skiing this year, and this time I want to go during the day!

6. Even though I am DEFINATELY not ready to be pregnant again, I am still looking forward to the delivery of our next child. Giving birth to Kohen was a breeze...I didn't even break a sweat! We'll probably start trying next fall, when Ko is about 18 months or so.

7. And last, but definately not least, I love my sweet sweet husband! He works so hard to try to give us everything that we want and need! He is truely an amazing person and I am so gratefull that we are a family!

Well enough about me, I want to hear all about you!
I am tagging: Jessica Shaw, Angi Bradley (maybe that will make you finally add a new post),
Kelli Packer, Lauren Lord, Amanda Schriever, Laurie Young and Anika Dart!

Have fun!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Beware.....It's RSV season!

Well it's official.....Kohen has RSV!! He's had a really bad cold for alittle over 2 weeks now, and on Saturday he started to wheeze a little. So when Dustin got off work today, he took Ko to the doctor. She said that there is nothing she can do for him right now, but in the next few days he could get alot worse! So now we just have to keep a really close watch over him and make sure that he isn't getting worse....because if he does, we will have to take him to get some breathing treatments. It's so sad to see our little guy so miserable! I just hope he doesn't have to go to the E.R. again! I think I might have another nervous breakdown like I did the last time he had to go! But he is actually in pretty good spirits! We got our tree up last week and he was more interested in the tree than the fact that he was practically coughing up a lung! So all you with out this winter!

He's still pretty happy for not feeling so well!

He wouldn't stop sucking on the tree!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What a MESS!!

So last night I was feeding Kohen some rice cereal for dinner. He was about half way through eating, when the door bell rang. Dustin wasn't home from work yet, so I had to go answer it. It was one of our neighbors, so I stood there for a minute to talk to her. This whole time I was thinking...."Wow, Kohen hasn't started crying yet! That's amazing!" After she left I went back into the kitchen to find that I had accidentally left the bowl of cereal on the tray of his high chair...oops! He was a mess! But instead of getting mad at myself for leaving the bowl there, I decided to let him play for a minute, then I stripped him down and stuck him in the kitchen sink. How could you ever get upset when they look as cute as this?!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Family Pictures!

Last Thursday we got our Frame family pictures taken. Dustin's cousin Sierra works at Target, so we got a really good deal on them! She did an awesome job taking the pictures, but Kohen was suppossed to be taking a nap, so he would NOT smile!! But at least he wasn't screaming his head off! All in all, they turned out pretty cute!