Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Favorite...

One of my boys' favorite things to do when we're stuck inside is to make playdough! Landon gets a little upset when he can't make the playdough do what he wants it to, so it usually ends up with him screaming and throwing it on the ground. And Kohen likes to stick it on his body parts :)! Of course they make a huge mess, but it will do until sping gets here!

On SnOwY dAyS...

I was hoping that the big snow storms were over, but I was wrong! We got quite a few inches at our house the other day! The boys were so excited because that meant we could go outside and make a snowman!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well once again, I am behind on my blogging! I have no excuse other than than life just getting hectic! I'm not going to try to "catch up" on reason being that it will take way too long for me to do....and the other reason being that I'm sure none of you want to read a post that describes our last 6 months! So for now I am just going to try to be better at it!

Oh and want to see the cutest guys ever?!