Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{ on rainy days }

We make cupcakes!

The boys and their cousins decided they wanted to make some pretty sweet Alien cupcakes. By the time I got to take any pictures, they were a little melty, but they really did turn out pretty cool!

We were going to take them to Ko's neighbor friends and to some cousins, but they ALL got dropped! So instead we just ate them all ourselves :)!

BiRtHdAy BoYs!

Both of our
Little Monsters
had birthdays this month!

{ kohen }

Kohen turned 3 on May 3rd.
Wow! Time flies!
I remember the day we brought him home
like it was yesterday!
I'll be honest
and say that I am a little sad
to see my baby grow up so fast!


* weight... 32.19 lbs. (54%)
* height... 3 ft. 2 in. (67%)

We celebrated Ko's birthday with his
his cousins, aunts & uncles, & grandparents

...favorite presents...

...the cake...

(I think he was more excited about his cake than anything!)

{ landon }

Landon turned 1 on May 20th.
It seems like he should only be 6 months old!
This last year has gone by
way too fast!
He is getting to be such a big boy!
He has started to walk, and he can say mama, dada and bye!
I love watching the boys interact with eachother! Landon LOVES his big brother!

* weight... 21.6 lbs. (30%)...WHAT?!
* height... 29.3 in. (32%)

We celebrated Ko and Lando's Birthday
this last weekend with friends and family.
We had a BBQ at our house.

It was a bit CRAZY
so many people
so disorganized
so many distractions!
I think we might celebrate their birthdays seperately from now on :)!

... the cake ...

... Lando's reaction when we sang Happy Birthday to him ...

... the DEVOWERING (sp?) of the cake ...

... favorite present ...

He LOVES RC from Toy Story! That was pretty much the only thing he was even interested in!

THANKS to EVERYONE that helped celebrate our boys' birthdays! You helped make it very special!