Monday, May 17, 2010

{ friends }

Kohen has discovered something new
ever since we moved into our new house.....


He asks me every day if he can go play with
his 'neighbor friends'.

They ride bikes together,
play out in the dirt with their tractors,
eat popsicles,
and ride on the big tractor with dad!


BAWC said...

it is nice to have little friends so close. yay for ko!

The Baldwin's said...

what a fun thing!! and I wrote on your fb page about when we'll be in UT...but in case you don't see it we'll be there for 3 weeks in June, June 4th we get there. So let's get together, I think it would be so fun!!

Dallas Jessica Aspen Irelynn and Hudsyn said...

I can't wait to live in a neighborhood so the girls can play with friends! Looks like fun!

Jamilyn and Clark said...

That's so cute and I'm happy for Kohen that he has fun neighbor friends. I love your pictures on the side. That one of Kohen in the leather jacket is adorable!

Laura said...

Fun, there is nothing better than friends so they can entertain each other. But don't forget us... we won't be gone for long!