Monday, March 8, 2010

STiLL aLiVe....

Yes, we are still alive! I've done a horrible job at keeping up on blogging over the last few months, but things around here have finally calmed down, and it is a goal of mine to keep up on blogging/journal entries this year! Our family has a lot to update on, so beware that this might be a fairly long post!

One of the most exciting things is that we finally moved into our house! We've been here for a little over a month, and we are loving it! The boys are finally back on a regular schedule, and we all feel at home! Dustin can't wait to get started on our yard...he's like a little kid on Christmas day when it comes to that sort of stuff!

It's official! Kohen is POTTY TRAINED!!! We are still working on being dry in the morning, but 90% of the time he wakes up dry! Can I just tell you what a relief it was when I didn't have to buy diapers for him anymore?!

Ko will be turning 3 in May! I can't believe he will be 3 years old! He's grown up so much over the last few months and it almost makes me a little sad that he is no longer my baby. He is my little Snuggle Bug, and his dad's Best Buddy! His obsessions are:
*Fire trucks, Trains and Tractors
*Going to Costco
*Not listening to his mom and dad
*Making train tracks out of pillows :),
*Loving on his brother
Oh and he will FINALLY watch t.v.! He's never cared too much for tv, but lately he loves to watch Mickey, Thomas, Handy Manny and Toy Story.
He is also sleeping in a BIG BOY BED! Ko was so excited to move into our house because he knew that he was going to get a big boy bed! He absolutely loves it, and so far (knock on wood) we really haven't had a problem with him getting out of his bed at night!

Landon is my little Chubster! At just over 9 months, he weighs a whopping 19 pounds! When he smiles, his face looks like it is going to explode...I LOVE it! I love to squeeze his face and his squishy bum!

Landon will be a year old in May! I can't believe how quickly these last nine months have gone! He is definately a lot different than Ko. When I was pregnant with Landon I had a feeling that he was going to be a little monster compared to Ko...and I was somewhat right! He was about 8 months old before he started sleeping through the night. In fact the first time he really slept through the night was the first night we were in our new house! He is a little tempermental and quite needy...oh and did I mention that he is a total mama's boy? His obsessions are:

*Crawling! (he's been on the move for about 2 weeks)

*Drinking out of sippy cups


*Playing with his brother

*Tub Time

*Clapping and waving

Did I mention that these two together are CRAZY?! They definately give us a run for our money! These two totally have a Love/Hate relationship! Every morning Ko and I go in Landon's room to get him out of bed and Landon immediately looks for Ko and just starts giggling! But about 2 minutes later Ko won't let him play with his toys or Ko shoves him away and poor Lando is crying! Then at breakfast time Kohen just HAS to bring Landon's high chair right next to his chair so they can eat breakfast together. They sit there and laugh at eachother all during breakfast. Then about 2 minutes later they are back to the same thing....Landon is crying cause Ko won't let him even look at his toys! And it just goes on and on until the day is done!

As far as an update on Dustin and I....

Dustin still works for Union Pacific, but he is really excited to hopefully get a lot more landscaping jobs this year. So if any of you need some landscaping done, you know who to call!

I am still working part time, trying to get back into shape, and taking care of my 3 guys!


Dallas Jessica Aspen and Irelynn said...

Get updating post! You guys have been so busy lately! Love Ya

Lauren said...

Cute!! Our house is in the holiday area just off Highland drive and 6200 S. Ruffly:). Where did you build at? Your house looks beautiful! If it makes you feel better Becca & Ray have the same relationship as Ko & Landon...Half of the day they are screaming at each other and the other half playing nice:). Your little guys look just like you and Dustin!

Rachelle said...

Yeah, Congrats on the house! That is so fun! I bet you are loving it! Your boys are to die for! So cute!

BAWC said...

i want to bite landon's cheeks. we really need to get over there again, we haven't seen all of the furniture in place yet.

love you guys.

Jerrick and Amy said...

Dang those boys are cute! I love the update! haha "when he smiles it looks like his face is going to explode"... love it.

wessara said...

LOVE your house!! Where did you guys move?! Yeah ours is up for sale.. we are thinking Riverton or Bluffdale!! So exciting to be in a new house! I am jealous!! I feel like Kohen grew 2 years since I last saw pictures of him!! So crazy! He looks like a "kid" now, and not so much a baby!! Nice job on the potty training!! I cant believe he isn't 3 and is trained!! Ava took forever!! And Landon is so dang cute!! He is a little chubster!! What a stud!! Your family is so adorable, and you can definitely tell they are Frames!! I am being induced on March 29th... UNDER 3 weeks!! YAy! I cant wait to be comfortable again!! Oh, and to see the little guys face!! I am interested to know how much different boys are then girls!!

Ok... that was way to long! But I am glad you are back on this thing... I kept checking, but no new posts!!! ;(! Anyways... thanks for your compliments... though I swear I am more "butt" prego then "belly" prego!! Dang boys!

RaCHeL said...

THanks for the post! Your house is great! I can't wait to see in person! Your boys are getting so big! Miss you!

adam and angi bradley said...

What? You got a new house? And you have two children? j/k Love and miss your face!
p.s. you have inspired me to add a new post today... check later!

Lindsay said...

Rachelle your house looks so nice! I bet you are so excited to get in, I am jealous ours it taking forever!! i am really excited you live in Riverton though, we really should hang out! Our kids would have lots of fun together! That is awesome that Kohen is potty trained, I want Luke to be so bad but I keep telling myself it will probably be another year! Landon is so dang cute. What a handsome little guy. I didn't realize how close him and Halle are in age, only 2 months apart. Oh and we will for sure call Dustin if and when we decide to do landscpaing! It might just be awhile...there are so many expenses with the new house (i'm sure you know what i mean!) we are a little overwhelmed, we might just have a dirt yard for awhile! :) But we will definitely call Dustin if we decide to splurge for it!

adam and angi bradley said...

You need a new post! Love your face!