Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's here!!!

Our new little guy is finally here! Landon Floyd Frame made his appearance on Wednesday, May 20, 2009. He was born at 7:55 am, weighing a whopping 7lbs. 8 0z. and 21 inches long! It's a good thing he came over 2 weeks early...can you imagine what he would have weighed if I went to my due date?! Everything went so smooth and so FAST! We checked in at 4 am and he was here by 7:55 am! Kohen was SO excited to meet his new baby brother! Here are some of my favorite pics so far...

We love this little guy so much and we are so blessed that he chose to be part of our family! I never knew I could love another one as much as I love Ko! These two are going to be best buddies!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Happy Birthday to our sweet baby boy! I can't believe you're already TWO years old!! You have grown like a little weed right in front of our eyes over the last two years! We have enjoyed watching you learn and grow, but it has been hard at the same time...afterall, you won't be our little baby soon!

There are so many things we love about you: the way you smell, your big belly laugh, the cute space between your two front teeth :), when you call out mommy and daddy's names in the morning when you wake up, how you love to help sweep and vaccuum, the way you wrestle with daddy, how excited you get when dad gets home from work, how much you LOVE babies, when you get super hyper and run around the house until you can't run anymore, how much you love to help us cook, how you could play outside for hours on end, and of course we love all the loves and kisses that we get from you!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we are so grateful that god has given us such a sweet-hearted, super hyper but yet super mellow little boy! WE LOVE YOU KO!