Monday, April 27, 2009

I Blame It On Being Preggo...

Yesterday at church I locked my kid in the car...for almost 30 minutes....I blame it on being preggo....because I can't really be that horrible of a mom....can I?!?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleeping On The Job...

So I just HAD to post these pictures because I NEVER get any pictures like this! Kohen has never fallen asleep in his high chair, or in his jumper, or his saucer, or any weird place like that. I love when little kids fall asleep in funny places, but Ko is just the kind of kid to only sleep in his bed. So anyway, the other morning we got home from the grocery store and he wanted to swing while I was bringing the groceries in. So he swung while I took the groceries in ( I left the back door open of course so I could hear him and watch him ). He wanted to swing more, so I would go out and push him a few times and then go inside to put all the groceries away. When he would slow down he would call out "Mommy...swing!", and I would go out and push him more. After swinging for about 15 minutes I could hear the swing slow down again, but he didn't call my name. I went outside and this is what I found...

The poor kid had the tightest little grip on the ropes! I had to pry his white knuckles off them!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome Baby Alexandria!

Our newest family member is finally here!! My oldest brother Rob and his wife Tyra welcomed their little girl into the world on Saturday, April 11th. She weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 inches long! Tyra and Alex are doing great! They are currently living in Pocatello, so we haven't been able to meet this sweet little one yet, but we hope to meet her very soon! Congrats Rob and Tyra! We love you!


Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Our day was pretty full. Right after church we went to Dustin's aunt's house for our first easter egg hunt of the day. Kohen loved it! He is so obsessed with being outside and he loves that he can just run free, so halfway through the hunt, he decided to just book it as fast as he could! Such a little stinker!

Ko, Daddy and Grandma Lorri

Kohen and Daddy looking for eggs

Ko loving his cousin baby Cru

After that we headed to my parent's house for another hunt. I told my mom a few days before that I didn't want her to put candy in all the eggs because Ko didn't need a lot of candy. But he was too smart for his mommy! Before he would put any of the eggs in his basket, he would shake them to make sure there was something in them! If they were empty, he would just through them back on the grass!

Ko's cousin Will looking for eggs

We had such a great day with all of our family! I am so thankful for the Easter holiday and everything that it represents. I am so grateful to our Savior and for all the sacrifices that he made for us, so that we could all come to this earth. I hope everyone's Easter Sunday was spent with the people that they love!