Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Tag!

So here is how this tag works:

Go to your photo library. Select the 4th Folder. Select the 4th Picture. Post it & explain.

This picture was taken at Kohen's 3 month well baby checkup. If you look closely at his left thigh, you can see part of a band-aid. It was Ko's first shots that he had gotten since he was born. I remember that he did so good!! As soon as she gave him his shots, I shoved the binki in his mouth, and that was it! No crying! Well almost no crying...he cried for about 2 seconds, but then quickly realized that he had his binki.

I tag EVERYONE that looks at my blog!!


Anika said...

What a brave little baby! That is the cutest picture! Love it!

Gentri said...

Hey, I love Kohen and how sweet he is! I especially love the pictures of him with the horses, how fun for you guys!! Glad all is well and I'm sorry I haven't written forever but my Mom no longer works at Mac's she quit awhile ago and my fam doesn't go there anymore, plus it was only cool when we were there, right ? :) Have a Happy Halloween!

wessara said...

He was so tiny! I hate shots! So cute!

Kelsey said...

YEA! You did a new post!!!

Beard Family said...

Kohen looks so little. It's crazy how fast they grow!