Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay, so I have been tagged 3 times!!

What is his name? Dustin John Frame

How long have you been married? It will be 2 years in May

How long did you date? How long??!! We "went out" in 9th grade, then dated our sophomore & junior years, then had a break, then started back up again right after graduation....the rest is all history!

How old his he? 24

Who eats more? He eats the most, but I gain the most weight....something's not right here!

Who said I love you first? I did! Well I actually said something like "Love ya" but I still like to give myself the credit!

Who is taller? Dustin by far!

Who can sing better? I'm going to have to say me.....Dustin doesn't even know how to stay on key!

Who is smarter? We both are...I am more book smart, and Dustin is more street smart!

Who does the laundry? Me, but he tries to wash his work clothes, and he usually helps me hang everything up! He's a sweet man :)

Who does the dishes? Both of us HATE when dishes are left in the sink, so we both keep up on the dishes!

Who pays the bills? Me

Who sleeps in the right side? Me

Who mows the lawn? Dustin...I tried once and he told me I suck at it!

Who cooks dinner? I do for the most part, but Dust does on the days I work. He loves to BBQ a lot too!

Who drives? Dustin always drives

Who is more stubborn? I'm going to have to say that I am VERY stubborn!

Who kissed who first? He kissed me. He was so nervous!

Who asked who out first? the hallway by my locker in 9th grade!

Who proposed? He did of coarse! In front of his whole fam-damly!

Who has more friends? Dustin has a lot of friends, but I stay in touch with my friends better than he does.

Who is more sensitive? Ever since Kohen was born, it's really been a toss up!

Who has more siblings? Me: 3 bro's & 1 sis Dust: 1 bro & 1 sis

Who wears the pants? Depends on the discussion/argument :)

I love my cute hubby! He just brought me home some beautiful roses because I was having a hard day!! I am so thankful for all he does for our family! Sometimes I complain a little too much, but in all reality, he is just about perfect!

I am going to tag Angi (since she never updates her blog anyway!), Jessica Frame, Marci, Lindsay Ferguson, Tamara, and Annette!


Lord Family said...

I had no idea you guys started dating in 9th grade! That is so fun I love it! I want to see more photos from your wedding. Yes we really do need to get together sometime that would be a lot of fun! We are hoping to move back down to the valley by spring :)!

Schrievers in a Nutshell said...

I thought you guys started to date in High School that's amazing. I also was going to let you know that we bought that shelf/storage thing at costco and I absoulutely love it because we just throw all the toys in the basket, put them on the shelf and the room is clean.I think that Tom bought it at the one on 5300 south and State.

Anika said...

CUTE Rachelle! I loved that he asked you on your first date in 9th grade by your locker! I'm sure I was somewhere in the vicinity! lol! I would love it if you came over and stopped by! Seriously! I love that Walmart too, It's great being literally next door! OK, so remind me where you guys live? That's way smart to keep your house- you will be the sweetest landlord!

kelli said...

Fun Fun! I didn't realize you have dated since the ninth grade! I knew you had been together for a long time, but didn't realize it was that long! Cute pictures!

Rachel & Doug said...

Don't you love getting tagged! My latest post is the Hubby Tag too! I missed you on Saturday. How are you feeling?

Jessica said...

I love all the pics with Dustin and a newborn Kohen. Very cute! Kyle is the one with pink eye, and if he gives it to me or the girls I will kill him!!!

Bob, Emily, and Ellie said...

So cute! As annoying as tags are, they are really fun to read!

Lindsay said...

Cute, i'm excited to do this! Thanks for the tag! :)